Saturday, February 23, 2013


I woke up this morning, half a sleep I climbed out of bed. As I walked to the bathroom I scratched my head - trying to remembering the weird dream I had last night...

It felt like My house was being invaded by something....
I remember hearing my dog barking and growling trying to protect me..
as i stepped out of the shower and turned around for my towel...
I thought

" I Don't Have A Dog... HOLY SHIT!!!"

"THERE'S A BLOODY RACCOON IN MY SINK!!!" Talk About Getting Freaked Right The Heck Out..

I live in the middle of Toronto how the heck do I get a raccoon in my bathroom sink?

Needless to say I backed out of the bathroom towel less - as the raccoon had just woke up from all of my ranting.

Once out of the bathroom I shut the door... then i wondered" what if there were more raccoons wandering around my house.

I grabbed the bat beside my bed and took a quick look around the rest of my bedroom and closet to make sure i didn't have any other critters hiding out.

"OK so as it stands right now I have a raccoon locked in my bathroom - I'm locked in my bedroom and I have no clue how many more there are..." Tom was now talking on his Smart Phone.

"What Do You Mean You Don't Take Care of Raccoons - My Home Has Been Invaded By Raccoons...."
"Your 911 Help Me!!!!!"Tom was loosing it.

"Sir if You Would Please Just Listen Too Me Right Now." The 911 Operator insisted
"Are you listening?" She Asked

"Yeah, Yes Mame" Tom said taking a deep breath in and out.

"Unfortunately, this is not a Police Matter .. I'm going to Personally Give You the Name of a Company that I Used to Get Rid of My Raccoons OK?" The officer said knowing it would be.

"Yes Mame that would be great wonderful - THANK YOU" Tom pleased he can finally put some clothes on.

"I'm sending it to your phone now - you should have a pic of his business card call him now he does emergency calls all the time for stuff like this. good luck"And the 911 operator signed off
After hanging up from 911 tom put some pants on and called ......................



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